The North Wessex Downs Preservation Society
Preserving A Landscape Under Threat

The North Wessex Downs Preservation Society (NWDPS) was formed to protect the countryside of North Hampshire from avoidable development. Click here

Under the provisions of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2002 only development which conserves and enhances the countryside should be permitted. We cannot see how the development now being suggested can possibly be said to meet that statutory requirement.

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The Immediate Threat:

The Highclere Estate has applied for exemption from normal planning procedures to allow development on 8 areas of beautiful countryside outside the boundary of Highclere Park. All bar one of these sites are in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and all are easily visible from public roads.

They seek to raise £11million through the sale of land to developers in order to repair and maintain the Castle and its follies.

We estimate this would lead to more than 100 new houses being built in the AONB or adjacent woodland. And who knows what will follow? Yet more development? Yet more money?

The NWDPS believes this proposal should be challenged because the impact on the countryside would be irreversible and far outweigh the benefit of the maintenance being proposed. For more details click here

To find out why we think the AONB is so important click here.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC) have withdrawn their draft ‘Policy’, although it remains as a ‘Material Consideration’

The NWDPS is concerned because:

The conditions for authorising the use of ED set out by English Heritage, whose responsibility extends only to the built environment, are not being properly observed by the applicant.
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The Procedures being adopted by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council do not comply with those recommended by English Heritage. Click here

The NWDPS and others have made representations to B&DBC Planning Department: Click here

We welcome the interest expressed by Lord Lloyd Webber, which could provide a beneficial solution without the need to build in beautiful countryside, and are disappointed that Lord Carnarvon appears to have rejected it out of hand. To find out more Click here

What can we do?

If you share our concerns we recommend you voice your objections now.  To find out more Click here

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